Wander Artist Spotlight: Ana Hard


You may know Ana Hard as the Spanish artist of our fabulous Roadtrip puzzle. Roadtrip is a such a fun puzzle to complete with a playlist of your favorite 90's hits!  Here at Wander we immediately connected with Ana's work and wanted to live inside her colorful illustrations. We loved it so much that we asked Ana to do another puzzle with us. It turned out even better than we had hoped and we are so eager to share the image with you later this month. It is 500 pieces of pure beauty!

In the meantime, we thought you would be as excited as we are to learn more about Ana.

Wander: Where do you find inspiration for your art? 

Ana Hard: Pinterest is a dream and a weapon for example, because you can really spend hours and hours there, it's insane! But inspiration always comes when you don't expect it, that's why I love disconnecting with a walk or a movie sometimes. I always write down everything in notes!

Wander: Do you have any rituals to get you in the mood before you start on the blank "page"? 

Ana Hard: I like doing lots of research and putting as many ideas as I can together. Little by little the best always wins! And music definitely helps :)

Wander: If you weren't an artist what career would you choose? 

Ana Hard: My top 3 careers were Psychology, Quimics and Arts. But I always tell myself that if I had ended up doing something like quimics I would have chosen a very creative path and I'd be working for a cool cosmetic brand for example!

Wander: Did anyone else wonder what Quimics was? We did too, it’s chemistry.

Wander: What is the social issue that is nearest and dearest to your heart?

Ana Hard: Anything related to nature and beings living peacefully without human harm. I wish we could be more conscious and care more about our planet so we can all live better and longer lives. I believe that is one of the greatest issues we need to face right now.


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